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  Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is your licensed service area?

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas,
Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, & Texas

2) How much will a survey cost?

    • Pricing of services is based on a broad spectrum of variables with each land survey. Some of these variables include: Type of survey, Research involved, Size of property, Terrain, Vegetation, Accessibility, Existing evidence on property, and Time of year. Before a price can be estimated, a scope of work must be determined.

3) Should I give an explanation of why I need a survey?

    • Absolutely. The more information the surveyor has, the better and more accurate the job can be done.

4) Will a Surveyor determine my ownership?

    • No. It is the clients responsibility to supply a legal description of the property. The surveyors place markers such as rebar, pipes or stakes on the corners, and if applicable, show encroachments and easements. You will be provided with a Plat showing the results of the survey.

5) What causes conflicts of boundaries?

    • Many reasons can collaborate to cause disputes over boundary lines and easements. Earth shift and recording of legal descriptions without the assistance of a qualified surveyor are two of such reasons.

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